Hi! I'm Faye.
I'm a Product Designer

Driven by Human-Centered Design

I have 2 years work experience as UX Designer and Product Manager
I wrote this website by Html+CSS+JavaScript and updated on Feb. 2 8th
And I am actively seeking for an internship in 2019 summer

Work Projects

Now, I'm a product designer at Gaia


Biometrics Mobile APP

A smart apparel and mobile app to monitor biometrics and detect early warning signs of meltdowns for autistics

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Last year, I was the design partner at Liba Bang Tech


"Craigslist" on Wechat

An Agile Wechat Mini Program Product Design and Development and MVP Testing from 0 to 1

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In 2016, I was a product manager at sunlands


Self-study Mobile Forum Feature

An Online Education Forum for self-study students studying support

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Other interesting school Projects

Service Design


Dental Clinic Service APP

A Service Design for a High-end Dental Clinic based on Mobile-end Touch Point

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Wearable Device Design


Anti-theft Wearable Device

A fashion wearable device that designed for women assets safety

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Service and Product Design


Clothing Rental Service for Travelers

A service that curates clothing choices based on your style, activities, and your destination’s projected weather.

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Internet of Things Design


Design for Aging Population

Silver Product and Interation Design for Elders

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